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Sociable World

Skills used

HTML5 / CSS3 / WebGL / Three.js / Node.js / Web Sockets / Mobile / JQuery / PHP / WordPress

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Sociable World.

Built using the latest web technologies using WebGL to render graphics on the fly using HTML5 Canvas and Three.js I was able to create an endless environment unique to each user. The site utilities the power of Node.js to built a network of concurrent users with minimal load on the server resources.

A 3D interactive world that is an extension to the current social networks that currently exist exposing users in a different way to interactive. Sociable World is highly engaging with personalisation and sharing of data.

Using an array of media on the web Sociable World is feature rich with an array of graphics and detailed content.

There are plans to extend using GEO JSON to add real-time map and location data and weather APIs to create a unique and unparalleled online user experience

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  • Sociable World
Hello, my name is Cameron Owen. I design & build beautiful websites.

HTML / CSS / Design / Mobile / JQuery / PHP / WordPress / Drupal / Magento

I am a web designer and front end developer from Staffordshire, UK. I have a highly motivated and forward thinking approach to work with a strong drive and ambition for success.